Institutional Sponsorship

MEMC-GREAT 2015 is a vibrant crossroads for the international EM community; a rich exchange of ideas and cultures promotes and nurtures the development of the international emergency medicine. The Congress attracts a world-class faculty of renowned emergency medicine academicians, and clinical leaders, who give outstanding cutting-edge lectures, discuss clinical cases, and moderate hundreds of abstracts and posters, all in a genuine spirit of academic and scientific exchange. This high-level intellectual collaboration among faculty and participants in a beautiful Mediterranean setting has proven to be an appealing draw for emergency medicine professionals, not only from countries where EM is already a well-established area of clinical practice, but also from countries where EM is just emerging as a clinical discipline.

This success could not be accomplished this without the support of other institutions and organizations from around the world that have joined with us in the spirit of advancing the international development of emergency medical care and strengthening the international EM professional community to make MEMC-GREAT 2015 succeed.

By supporting MEMC-GREAT 2015, your academic institution creates a visible link to the Congress and to the international academic EM community. This enhances the academic profile of the Congress and helps attract a critical mass of academic and clinical emergency medicine leaders. Your contribution supports the creation of a world-class educational and research forum, as well as a stimulating environment for formal and informal exchange of ideas and professional contacts. Through your support of MEMC-GREAT 2015, and allowing it to serve as the leading professional meeting forum for the international EM community, your academic institution is able to play a valuable role in the international development of the specialty of emergency medicine.



Levels of Recognition: 

Supporting Institutions: Universities & departments with significant contribution to the organization & execution of the MEMC.

$1,000 per participant – you receive:
MEMC-GREAT 2015 Registration + two social event tickets per participant per $1,000 of support

Last updated: June 18, 2015