Clinical Pathologic Case Competition

MEMC-GREAT 2015 will be hosting a Clinical Pathologic Case (CPC) competition in Rome, Italy. If you have questions, please contact Emily DeVillers at

Competition Format

  • All contestants will each receive an interesting, different, and challenging case no less than four weeks prior to the competition. Each case will include a text description of a patient presentation including history, physical exam, other pertinent facts, and ancillary studies individual to the case. 
  • Each resident physician will prepare a 5 minute presentation during which his/her case will be presented as the patient was seen to present in the ED: chief complaint/ presenting problem, history of present illness, past medical-social-family history, physical exam, lab and imaging study results.  Each attending/ faculty physician will create a 15 minute presentation discussing the differential diagnosis and ultimately the suspected diagnosis of the case.  
  • On the day of the competition, the resident will present his/ her case, and an attending from another program will present the solution to the case. Session moderators will then present the actual result of the real case. Presenters are judged on the quality of their presentation. There will be first, second and third prizes in both the resident and the attending categories. The resident winners and the attending winners will receive the recognition of being the Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress’ CPC winners, and will be recognized onsite at the Congress.

Competition Schedule





Last updated: August 4, 2015