General Congress Information

General Information

Saturday, 10 September through Wednesday, 14 September

The official language of MEMC VI is English.

The registration desk will be open the following hours:

Saturday, 10 September 8:00-18:00
Sunday, 11 September 8:00-18:00
Monday, 12 September 8:00-18:00
Tuesday, 13 September 8:00-18:00
Wednesday, 14 September 8:00-18:00

Exhibit Hall
The exhibit hall will be open the following hours:

Monday, 12 September 8:00-18:30
Tuesday, 13 September 8:00-18:30
Wednesday, 14 September 8:00-18:30

Admission to MEMC VI scientific sessions is reserved for meeting delegates only. Delegates receive a name badge with their registration materials. Badges should be worn at all times, as they will be used to control access into all MEMC VI sessions and activities. Exhibitor staff will not be admitted to scientific sessions. Hostesses will monitor the name badges of all meeting attendees.

Please take time to complete the overall evaluation forms distributed at the end of the Congress. Your input is essential in planning future MEMC activities. When completed, your evaluations may be returned to the Registration Desk.

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Kos Information

Kos experiences a mild, Mediterranean climate with most of the days of the year seeing some sun. The best time to visit the island is in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn as the island is far less crowded, prices are more reasonable and the weather is all round far more pleasant. There is virtually no rain, the sun shines every day and temperatures are bearable, in the high 20s and low 30s.

Average High Average Low Average Rain
82F / 28C 66F / 19C .67 in / 17 mm

Local time is GMT +2 (GMT +3 between the last Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October).

Electricity on Kos is 220 volts, 50Hz. is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC). If you plan on using your own 110-volt appliances, you will need a voltage converter, unless your appliance is designed to also work with 220 volts electricity (dual voltage). For example, most laptops and some electric shavers are designed to work both at 110 and 220 volts. Make sure to check your appliances before you leave and travel prepared. Plugging in an appliance that is not designed to run on 220 volts electricity without using a voltage converter will most likely damage it.

The Euro (EUR) is the official currency, divided into 100 cents. Banks and Currency Exchanges are widely available; Travelers' Cheques and major credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs are widespread and are generally the most reasonable and convenient method of obtaining Euros.

Shop Hours of Operation
8:00 to 14:30, with closure for a siesta. The shops re-open again from 17:30 until 20:30 Monday to Saturday. Many shops are closed on Sunday, depending where on the island you are visiting.

Greek is the national language, but English is widely spoken.

A service charge is often included in the bill at restaurants in Greece; it is best to see if this is the case when tipping. If not, leave between 10 to 15%. For drinks at cafes, round the bill up to the nearest Euro.

The international access code for Greece is +30. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code. The city code for Athens is 210. There are often surcharges on calls made from hotels and it is generally cheaper to use OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation) offices for local and international calls. Calls can also be made from public card phone booths. These cards can be bought from kiosks or OTE offices. The local mobile phone operators use GSM networks and have roaming agreements with most international operators. Coverage is exceptional. Internet cafes are available in the main towns and resorts and are cheaper than accessing the Internet from hotels.

Duty free
Travelers from non-EU countries do not pay duty when entering Greece for 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250g tobacco; 1 litre of spirits with alcohol volume over 22%, or 2 litres of dessert wine not exceeding 22% alcohol volume and sparkling wine, and 2 litres of table wine; 50g perfume or 250ml eau de toilette; and other goods for non-commercial value to the value of 175 for adults and 90 for children under 15 years.

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Emergency Numbers and Information

Emergency 100

Emergency 166

Emergency 199

Tourist Police
Emergency 171
+30 22420-22444
+30 22420-26666

General Hospital of Kos
34 Ippokratous Street
85 300 Kos, Greece
Telephone: +33 224 202 2126
Fax: +33 224 202 2125

21 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street
Kos Town
Phone: +30 2240 28397

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