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The 2nd Mediterranean Emergency Congress site is now available to receive your abstracts. All abstracts that are submitted after Monday August 4th (Midnight Pacific Time) will not be scored/edited and will not appear in the Syllabus. Abstracts submitted after August 4 can qualify ONLY for Poster Presentations. Abstracts must be submitted or emailed to

The Research forum will accept abstracts that have been previously presented at other national, regional and international scientific meetings.

The abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation will be published in the Congress Proceedings, which will be provided at the Congress. Abstracts will also be considered for publication in one of our journals only if sent together with the registration fee by the deadline September 1, 2003.

The Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEM) and the European Journal of Emergency Medicine (EJEM) will publish the 40 abstracts that will receive the highest review scores, as determined by the EuSEM-AAEM Abstract Review Scientific Committee.

Poster Sessions
The dimensions of posters should not exceed 120cm in height and 95 cm in length. Authors of accepted posters will be informed about exhibition date and discussion method.

Oral Presentation of selected papers
Authors will be notified if their paper has been selected for oral or poster presentation along with the schedule for presentation.

Other technical details for Oral Presentations
Slides must be in standard format (5cm x 5cm) and must be submitted at least 2 hours before the scheduled presentation. Slide and PC projection will be available in each lecture room.

The EuSEM-AAEM Abstract Review Scientific Committee

Reviewers and Moderators
Nabeel Abdulrahman (UAE)
Jasim Al Mehza (Bahrain)
Raed Arafat (Romania)
Helen Askitopoulou (Greece)
David Bradt (Australia)
Ernest Bragulat (Spain)
Christina Catlett (Maryland)
Plutarco Chiquito (Saudi Arabia)
Blanca Collvinent (Spain)
Alessandra Conforto (Italy)
Ricelle Cooper (California)
Chayan Dey (Maryland)
Deborah Diercks (California)
Tamara Dildy (New York)
Michael Doney (Washington DC)
David Eitel (Pennsylvania)
Gerard Espinosa (Spain)
Alessandro Geddo (Italy)
Chris Ghaemmaghani (Virginia)
Eric Gross (Arizona)
Neal Handly (Pennsylvania)
Rashed Hijazi (Jordan/Saudi Arabia)
Edbert Hsu (Maryland)
Pierluigi Ingrassia (Italy)
Muayd Khalid (Qatar)
Sam Kini (South Carolina)
Andrew Knaut (Colorado)
Sonia Jimenez (Spain)
Ziad Kazzi (Georgia)
Erik Laurin (California)
Evan Leibner (Arizona)
Richard Levitan (Pennsylvania)
Christopher Lewandowski (Michigan)
Guohua Li (Maryland)
James Moises (Louisiana)
Maria Moreira (Colorado)
Rachel Moresky (Illinois)
Usamah Mossallam (Michigan)
H Bryant Nguyen (California)
Kazi Omar (Oman)
James Quinn (California)
Nadeem Qureshi (Saudi Arabia)
Scott Sasser (Georgia)
Reed Smith (Washington DC)
Terri Schmidt (Oregon)
Ernie Sorini (Michigan)
Nelson Tang (Maryland)
Firas Tawfiq (Qatar)
Peter Thompson (UK)
Steven Traub (Massachusetts)
Joanne Williams (California)
Gary Zimmer (Maryland)