Abstract Acceptance

We are fortunate to have an increased amount of available space for oral abstract presentations. We are able to accommodate up to 400 oral presentations in Valencia, so be sure to submit your abstract soon! Notification regarding acceptance of abstracts will be made by 30 June 2009. Further details regarding placement as an oral or poster presentation, as well as date of presentation will follow.

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Abstract Publication

The Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEM) and the European Journal of Emergency Medicine (EJEM) will publish the 50 top-scoring abstracts, as determined by the EuSEM-AAEM Abstract Review Committee. All abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation will also be published in the Abstract Syllabus, which will be provided at the Congress.

Top Three Scoring Abstracts to be Recognized at the Opening Ceremony

The top three scoring abstracts will have the opportunity to present for ten minutes each during the Opening Ceremony. First place will be determined, and a prize awarded to the top presenter. Submit your abstract today to be considered for this amazing opportunity!

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Important Dates

1 March 2009 Abstract submission opens
31 May 2009 Abstract submission deadline - oral presentation and publication
30 June 2009 Abstract submission deadline - poster presentation ONLY
10 July 2009 Abstract acceptance notification made

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Call for Abstracts

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 31 May 2009 and to 30 June 2009 for poster presentation ONLY. ONLY abstracts that have been submitted in final form on or before the early deadline of 31 May will be considered for oral presentation at MEMC V and for publication in the Journal of Emergency Medicine and the European Journal of Emergency Medicine as one of the "top-scoring" abstracts at MEMC V. Abstracts submitted between 1 June and 30 June will only be considered for poster presentation at the meeting and will not be reviewed for publication in the journals.

Members of EuSEM, AAEM, and SEMES, as well as non-members are eligible to submit abstracts. The Research Forum will consider for acceptance abstracts that have been previously presented at other national, regional, and international scientific meetings. Submitting an abstract does not register you for MEMC V; you must register for the Congress.

Submission Instructions
Go to http://memcv.abstractcentral.com to begin the online abstract submission process. Click on the "Submission" button to access the Call4Abstracts™ system, which includes complete instructions on the process. Paper and disk submissions will NOT be accepted. MEMC organisers expect that all abstracts selected for presentation will be presented by the authors and that submitted abstracts will not be withdrawn. Please do not submit an abstract if you are not able to travel to the Congress and present it in the form selected.

Abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation will be published in the Abstract Syllabus, which will be provided at the Congress. The Journal of Emergency Medicine (JEM) and the European Journal of Emergency Medicine (EJEM) will publish the 50 abstracts that receive the highest review scores, as determined by the Abstract Review Committee. Abstracts will only be considered for publication in one of our journals only if the author is registered at the close of abstract submission.

Review Process and Scoring Criteria
Abstracts will be peer-reviewed in blinded fashion.

Authors will be notified if their abstract has been selected for oral or poster presentation, along with a schedule for presentation. Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be made by 15 June 2009. Further details regarding placement as an oral or poster presentation, as well as date of presentation will follow as soon as possible. If you do not receive any notification of your abstract's status, please contact:

MEMC V Secretariat
Amy Moritz, Congress Meetings Director

Poster Sessions
The dimensions of posters should not exceed 234cm in height and 95cm in width. Authors of accepted posters will be informed about exhibition date and discussion method. *Note to US submitters: Poster dimensions are greater in height than in width. Please prepare your poster accordingly.

Oral Presentations
PowerPoint™ for PC is the only acceptable presentation format for oral abstract presentations. 35mm slides and overhead transparency will not be accepted.

Submission Categories
Academics/Resident Education
Administration, Health Policy, and Legislation
Airway/Analgesia/Anesthesia/Sedation/Pain Management
Clinical Policies/Practice Guidelines
Computer and Information Technologies
Disaster Medicine
Disease and Injury Prevention
Imaging by Ultrasound
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine (General), Nephrology, and Endocrine
Medical Education (Undergraduate, Graduate, and CPD)
Patient Flow/Throughput Management
Pre-Hospital/EMS/Out of Hospital
Public Health, Screening, and SBIRT
Research Design/Research Education/Research
Respiratory and ENT Emergencies
Shock and Critical Care
Toxicology/Environmental Injury
Wound Care/Burn Care/Orthopaedic

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On Site Information

Abstract Syllabus
In lieu of a printed Abstract Syllabus, MEMC V abstracts will be available online using an Online Itinerary Planner (OIP). Please log on to http://memcv.abstractcentral.com/planner.jsp to view abstracts presented in oral and poster sessions. Delegates may log into the OIP and search presentations by various criteria including category, author name, title, keyword, presentation type, date of presentation, and others. Abstracts may be viewed online, and flagged for later reference. Delegates are also able to create a personalized itinerary of abstracts they wish to view during Congress. Itineraries can be printed or downloaded to a PDF or spreadsheet format. Log on to http://memcv.abstractcentral.com/planner.jsp and detailed instructions will guide you through the process of searching for abstracts or creating an itinerary.

Abstract Numbers
Abstracts presented in oral abstract sessions are numbered according to day (TU for Tuesday, WE for Wednesday, and TH for Thursday), and chronological order of presentation (i.e. WE.26). Abstracts presented in poster sessions are assigned numbers based on the day they are presented, the session they are a part of, and their location in the poster hall. Poster abstracts will feature a prefix including a letter denoting the day of presentation (T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday). The number following the prefix indicates the board number in the poster hall on which the abstract will be posted. For example, a poster number of T.145 indicates that the abstract will be presented as a poster on Tuesday, 15 September on board number 145.

The Spanish posters are on display for the duration of the Congress. They are notated with a prefix of SP, and a set of numbers which denotes their location in the poster hall. For example, a poster number of SP.12 indicates that the abstract is a Spanish poster, on board 12 in the Spanish poster hall.

Posters are located in Multiusos 1 and Multiusos 2. Each poster is up for a one day period. The Spanish posters are located in Multiusos 2, and will remain up for the entire Congress.

Guidelines for Authors:
Please be sure your poster is up before 9:00 each morning. Supplies for mounting your poster can be found in the poster hall. We ask that you take your poster down by 19:00 each evening. If you do not, your poster will be removed and placed to the side of the room. Posters not claimed by the end of the Congress will be discarded.

Hours for the Poster Hall:

15 September 2009 9:00-18:30
16 September 2009 9:00-18:30
17 September 2009 9:00-18:30

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