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Program: Wednesday, September 17

Room Auditorium Tramontana 1 Tramontana 2 Tramontana 3 Maestral 1 & 2 Garbi Llevant 1 & 2 Poster Hall
Track A Track B Track C Track D Track E Track F Track G
Tracks Neurologic Emergencies (FERNE) Disaster Medicine Track by the European Master in Disaster Medicine (EMDM)  Residency Training Education Track
CORD & EuSEM Taskforce on Education & Core Curriculum
Toxicology The Middle Eastern Conference Spanish Track Oral Abstract Presentations Poster Presentations
9-9:30 am Neurologic Emergencies and the Practice of Emergency Medicine  Emergency Medicine & Disaster Medicine:
Two Disciplines?
Teaching in the ED: Ten New Drugs that Made a Difference in Emergency Medicine EM in Jordan
EM in Morocco
English Oral Presentations Poster Session 5
Understanding Adults Learners
9:30-10 am Infectious Neuro Emergencies: Meningitis & Encephalitis Teaching at the bedside Case Studies in Toxicology: Meet the Experts EM in Sudan
EM in Syria
EM in Egypt
EM in the United Arab Emirates
Spanish General Session
Teaching Procedures
10-10:30 am Presentation of EMDM Theses in Disaster Medicine Evidence-Based Medicine "On the Go"
10:30-11 am Traumatic Brain Injury:
Concussion & Mild Injury   
Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
*Steps Forward Towards the Recognition of EM as a Specialty in Europe
**Opportunities for Faculty in a Specialty Organization  
Drug Interactions in Emergency Medicine: An Overview and an Update EM in Tunisia
EM in Algeria
EM in Bahrain
Spanish Oral Presentations
11-11:15 am
11:15-11:30 am
Coffee Break
11:30 am-1 pm

Plenary Session
Acute Stroke and the Specialty of Emergency Medicine:

The NINDS & Stroke Centers
Thrombolytics: Why the Controversy?
Stroke Care in Europe

How To Establish an EM Residency Program SARS: A Study in the Globalization of Disease Case Study in EM Development: Qatar  Go to Plenary Session Meet the Experts:
Acute Coronary Syndromes
Review Committee - Final Deliberation
1) Training Applications Using the EM Arab Board
2) Lessons Learnt Advancing a Developing EMS System
1-2:30 pm FERNE Lunch Symposium (Sponsored by EISAI)
Seizure Management: Classification & Treatment
The ED Evaluation of New Onset Seizures
Status Epilepticus
General Sessions Residency Training Education Track
General Sessions The Middle Eastern Conference Spanish Track General Sessions Poster Presentations
2:30-3:30 pm Neuropsychiatry: Delirium, Medical Clearance, Agitation & Psychosis Hypertension in the ED: Urgencies & Emergencies Training Curriculum for EM Residency Training Air Medical Transport Systems:  An evidence-based approach EM in Saudi Arabia
EM in Oman
EM in Libya
Spanish Oral Presentations EM in India
EM in Pakistan
Poster Session 6
3:30-4:30 pm

Acute Headache:
ED Approach & Evaluation 
Diagnosis & Treatment

Atrial Fibrillation: A Strategic Update Management of Common Allergic Emergencies Case Study in EM Development: EM in Iran Spanish General Session EM in the Mediterranean at Homer's Time
Emergency Ventilation in the Critical Patient:
Helpful or Harmful?
Introducing EM to Medical Students EM in Kuwait EM in Turkey
4:30-5:30 pm Case Studies in Neurologic Emergencies:
Vertigo, Weakness, and Toxicity
Asthma Success in Academic Medicine:
An International Perspective
Ultrasonography in EM: New Applications & Update EM in Gaza & the West Bank
EM in Iraq
Spanish Oral Presentations EM in Malaysia
EM in Taiwan
EM in Singapore 
Review Committe discussion of selected poster
5:30-6:30 pm Main Auditorium
Closing Ceremony
Closing Statements by Presidents of Sponsoring and Organizing Societies
9 pm-1 am Karaoke Dinner and Dance