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Presidents' Message

It is our pride and pleasure to present the Second Mediterranean Emergency Medicine (EM) Congress, a joint educational effort made by three professional societies, the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM), la Sociedad Española de Medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias (SEMES) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM).

Having experienced a success and witnessed the splendid and inspiring collaboration of our organizations during the First Mediterranean EM Congress in Stresa, Italy, in September 2001, EuSEM and AAEM decided to put together knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to organize, side-by-side with la Sociedad Española de Medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias (SEMES), this 2nd Congress for all physicians, nurses and trainees interested in the International advancement of Emergency Medical Care.

In Stresa, Italy, we heard international academic leaders describe our performance as "a turning point" for International Emergency Medicine, as a "historical milestone" that "set the standard for what an International EM meeting should be." We had over 750 delegates and speakers from 52 countries, and nearly 350 abstracts presented by our participants. We celebrated our specialty and our field and worked together to advance emergency medical care and its standards all over the world.

In Sitges/Barcelona, Spain, on September 14-17, 2003, EuSEM and AAEM are again coming together, partnering with SEMES, to provide you with a special and historical product.

Sitges 2003 will however be exceptionally different, a truly historical celebration of the unity and diversity in the Specialty of EM. The Second MEMC is bringing together over 30 co-organizing and sponsoring national and international societies and institutions. They are sending official delegations, providing speakers and have actively participated in the development and promotion of the program.

We have targeted the Mediterranean basin, most symbolic for its wealth in culture and history. During the last decade, EM has reached a crucial point in the history of its development around the Mediterranean. Some nations have fully built specialty-training and advanced research programs, while others remain in an embryonic phase of development. Accordingly we felt that the current state of EM in the basin is a most fertile ground to bridge our established organizations and to advance EM as an important priority. Of course, we wish the audience and impact of this meeting not to be limited to them. We want it to extend to the rest of the world, of Africa and of the Middle East.

This collaboration between AAEM, EuSEM, SEMES and the other participating organizations will no doubt help promote the specialty and delivery of Emergency Medicine. This will again be an incredible opportunity for academic and scientific exchanges. We shall learn and teach about EM and its status in the Mediterranean, America, Europe and the rest of the world. We shall discuss the various cultures of EM in different countries, their problems and controversies and try to find together solutions to our challenges.

For this reason the congress will have again the same goal which we had in Italy: education in EM with a high and qualified scientific content. We are inviting a large number of world-renown outstanding speakers from all over the globe. They will give lectures, discuss clinical cases, conduct didactic sessions, and moderate abstract and poster presentations. You all are invited to contribute to the congress success by attending it and by submitting us your research findings. EuSEM, SEMES and AAEM are looking forward to your participation. We are ready to welcome you in Sitges/Barcelona, Spain in September 2003, with an incredible display of exciting activities and programs.

Herman Delooz
EuSEM President
Joseph Wood
AAEM President
Luis Jiménez Murillo
SEMES President