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Program: Sunday, September 14

Satellite Courses Satellite
Course #1
Course #2 Course #3 Course #4 Course #5 Course #6 Official Meetings
Ultrasound Course
Part II
Non Invasive Ventilation Advanced Airway Management Workshop Pediatric EM Procedures

ATSDR Disaster Medicine Workshop

Chemical Agents of Terrorism & Mass Destruction:
Emergency Preparedness & Response

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Workshop

Emergency Nursing & Specialized Training:
Issues & Role in Advancing Emergency Medicine

AAEM Board of Directors

EuSEM Council

9-10 am

USN Part II:
9 am-2 pm

9:00: Ultrasound & Trauma
9:45: Aortic Aneurysm Assessment

Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV)
Day #2
(Continued from Day #1)

10-11 am Airway Workshop I Peds Procedure Session I
11 am-12 pm 11:15: Case Studies in Emergency Sonography
12-12:30 pm 12:00: Practical sessions  
12:30-1 pm  
1-2 pm Airway Workshop II Peds Procedure Session II
2-3 pm 2:00: Finish  
3-3:30 pm    
3:30-4 pm Go to Opening Ceremony
4-7 pm
Opening Ceremony

Prof. John Marx
The Specialty of Emergency Medicine: How Does It Make a Difference?

Dra. Mila Garcia-Barbero
Emergency Medicine in Europe: History and Evolution

Prof. Ismail Sallam
Access to Emergency Care, the Role of Government, and Collaboration between Physicians from Warring Nations

7-9:30 pm Opening Reception
Welcoming Cocktails with a Spanish Mediterranean Flavor