The Fourth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress (MEMC IV) - 15-19 September 2007 - Sorrento, Italy


Abstract Syllabus
In lieu of a printed Abstract Syllabus, MEMC IV abstracts will be available online using an Online Itinerary Planner (OIP). Please log on to to view abstracts presented in oral and poster sessions. Delegates may log into the OIP and search presentations by various criteria including category, author name, title, keyword, presentation type, date of presentation and others. Abstracts may be viewed online, and flagged for later reference. Delegates are also able to create a personalized itinerary of abstracts they wish to view during Congress. Itineraries can be printed or download to a PDF or spreadsheet format. Log on to and detailed instructions will guide you through the process of searching for abstracts or creating an itinerary.

Abstract Numbers
Abstracts presented in oral abstract sessions are numbered according to chronological order of presentation, with a prefix of OR (ie OR.15). Abstracts presented in poster sessions are assigned numbers based on the day they are presented, the session they are a part of and their location in the poster hall. Poster abstracts will feature a prefix including a letter denoting the day of presentation (M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday), and a number indicating either the morning or afternoon poster session (1=9:00-12:30, 2=15:00-18:30). The number following the prefix indicates the board number in the poster hall on which the abstract will be posted.

For example, a poster number of T1.145 indicates that the abstract will be presented as a poster on Tuesday, 18 September in the morning poster session from 9:00-12:30 on board number 145.