Regional Anesthesia Skills Lab

This hands-on, interactive skills lab will focus on a variety of easily performed regional nerve blocks which can be used for numerous assorted wounds and injuries involving the hands, feet and face, and even teeth. Using small group teaching, a multimedia approach and anatomic models, participants will have the opportunity to learn about, and practice these simple but highly useful blocks.


  • Review the basic anatomy and innervation patterns of the hand, foot and face
  • Discuss the medications used for nerve blocks
  • Learn the indications and contraindications as well as complications in the performance of these nerve blocks
  • Learn and "practice" common ED nerve blocks.
  • Review the pitfalls to avoid when performing these blocks.


Part 1: Facial and Dental blocks

Periauricular field block
Supraorbital and supratrochlear nerve
Infraorbital nerve
Mental nerve
Mandibular nerve
Dental block (individual teeth)

Part 2: Hand and Wrist blocks

Median nerve
Ulnar nerve
Radial nerve
Digital nerves

Part 3: Foot and ankle blocks

Posterior tibial nerve
Sural nerve
Superficial and Deep peroneal nerve
Saphenous nerve

Dr Francis Mencl. Akron, Ohio, USA; Dr Mark Frederikse. Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Dr Indrani Sheridan. Gainesvile, Florida, USA.

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